Delivery Now Available!

We are now offering delivery for the greater Portland area! It is a cheaper option than Postmates and we can guarantee that your meal arrives ASAP, as our drivers will be prioritizing YOU! Use our online system or give us a call!

New Limited Menu and Website Under Construction

Hello Friends!

We are reopening our doors on Saturday May 23rd, 2020 for call ahead pickup and Postmates delivery. The limited menu is located here: Limited Menu.

Hours will be Thursday-Monday 12-8PM!

We are currently updating the website, so come back soon for new amazing content!

We are so excited to be opening our doors to our supportive community and can’t wait to serve you! We kindly ask that you practice Social Distancing while visiting our shop.

All My Love,


T-Shirts Now Available

Hello Friends,

We are now selling Vtopia T Shirts! Huge thank you to Adam over at BigFrog for reaching out to create these shirts.

“We are proud of our BLShiiT!”

Order Here!

Supplies are limited so order quickly!

The Many Ways to enjoy our Macaroni & Cheese.

I must begin by saying that the Macaroni & Cheese is delicious.  But try it with broccoli, or green chilies, or thai chili paste.  The pesto mac is divine.  Any scoop of soup is an interesting and delicious addition to a cup or a bowl of mac.  The shiitake bacon is a very flavorful addition and interestingly enough, it rehydrates slightly in the mac sauce for a more chewy than crispy texture.  The soy curl bacon, the buffalo tofu, these are also yummy protein possibilities.  We have brussel sprouts right now, and also collard greens.  Avocado is a scrumptious addition to any flavor of mac.  These are only some of the possibilities.