Vtopia Stands with Black Lives Matter

At Vtopia we believe environmental issues, animal rights and human rights go hand in hand. That is why we choose to take action to push for social justice and support the Black Community in our own way. Thanks to your continued patronage we were able to donate to the Black Movement-Law Project (blmp.org) to aid in their efforts for a rapid response in supporting activists and educating community groups. In addition, we are encouraging our staff to visit local Black-owned vegan and non-vegan restaurants, who we are currently trying to reach out to in the hopes of collaboration or sharing resources in the near future. Our intention is to use our passion and patronage to help extend the outreach of businesses owned and operated by People of Color and to further amplify their voices, businesses and cuisine.

We, as always, invite and encourage open conversation in our place of work and allow every member of our team to express their views honestly and safely. Including the imperative right to protest for the Black Lives in our community and throughout the world.

We know that many of you use our four walls as a safe place to relax and distance from the stresses of daily life and the constant discord in our world.  We have never used our platform to broadcast anything political, and honestly, were hesitant to crowd the online platform to avoid silencing the voices/messages of People of Color in our community. We feel it is of utmost importance that we be transparent about our solidarity and add our support as a small but mighty business within the Portland Vegan Community.  We believe that now is not the time to be distracted and is especially not the time to be silent. We cannot stress enough how thankful we are for the people in our city that are continuing to push for change despite the resistance around us. This movement requires an extreme amount of resilience day in and day out in order for us to see change. We support love and unity. We support those of all species whom are oppressed and we will never stop fighting for you. We support Black Lives Matter.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Vtopia and, most importantly, your efforts in protecting and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement today and every day.

Peace, Love, & Vegan Cheese!